Helping the Southern Michigan Railroad

The Southern Michigan Railroad Society started in 1982 and grew very rapidly until 1988 when it all slowed down. I really want to see the organization back on the road to success. I do not speak officially.

Right now, it's hobbled by myths about "why it can't succeed". I have intervened to disprove some of the myths (which is how we're selling out trains today), but others still block SMRS's success.

To start with, it really is possible for SMRS to have long-term success. It was started with a good plan, and we need to go back to it.

I organized the Friends of the Southern Michigan Railroad specifically to leapfrog SMRS ahead of some of its problems and the problems which commonly plague other railway museums. It is vital - read more about what it's meant to do, and why.

All of this my personal opinion from paying close attention during my 15 years of experience in this field. It may not be the perfect plan - but given my long string of successes at SMRS, it's probably the way to bet.